Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Leadership Games and Styles

Yesterday, October 4th, was our third day of the Odyssey Fall excursion to Pueblo de Cochiti in New Mexico. Despite having been here for so short a time, we have had many new experiences, and all of us have stepped out of our comfort zones and stepped further in to community.

Because we are such a large community, we have been divided into three separate groups so as to not overwhelm the people and places we visit. Groups A, B and C have different activities each day, morning and afternoon, but we all will have the opportunity to experience everything that has been so graciously made available to us.

For Group A, day three began, of course, with breakfast. All of our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, are provided by employees of the Cochiti school and community members, and we are incredibly grateful for them.

After breakfast, Group A stayed at the campground and engaged in a number of leadership games, lead by Randell, which showed us the value of teamwork, trust, communication and cooperation. Once the games had been played, we sat down for lunch. When we finished, Randell taught us about the different types of leadership styles. The other groups- B and C- have also had the opportunity to experience these games and conversations on other days.

We were given a large pile of colored strips of paper. Each strip had a word on it, and we were asked to choose three words that we thought best described ourselves. After everyone had chosen, we were shown a presentation on the different sides of the brain and told what our leadership color was, based on what color paper we had the most of. The colors were blue (the conceptualizers) yellow (the experiencers) green (the traditionalists) and red (the idealists). It was a very interesting exercise, and many students seemed to agree with their color and its defining traits. Hopefully, knowing these colors and leadership styles allow us to know more about ourselves and to respect and connect to others who may have different leadership styles.

The morning activities for Group A were engaging and enjoyable. As were the afternoon activities, which will be explained in another post.

- Cassidy McIntyre, Group A


Unknown said...

I love that you all learned about yourselves and each other. These types of games/learning opportunities have been unbelievably helpful with every facet of my life from interacting with my family to how to handle tough situations in class/work environments. Thank you for sharing!!🤗

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