Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Army Corps of Engineers: History of the Dam

On Day 1 we visited the US Army Corps of Engineers and Visitors Center.

We got to listen to a park ranger explain to us the history of the land of which we are spending time on. We got to learn about the geological history which I found highly interesting and at times dry until I found out how it played into the current social issues of today. The park ranger was extremely fair in giving both sides of the situation.

She told us about the problems that the US Army Corps of Engineers encountered when trying to choose a location for the dam, and she explained how the Cochiti people got the short end of the stick when the dam was built. The most interesting thing was when the locations were being discussed for the dam, they had to choose between flooding people's homes and having them move completely or flooding a sacred religious place for Native Americans in the area. It made me want to go home and also research more about what other decisions the government has made as part of "eminent domain" or the right to land for government purposes.

Hearing the park ranger discuss the history of the dam and the people sparked a lot of questions in my mind on ethics of hard decisions:what do you choose? How does the government make decisions on that? What voices are included and what voices should be included?

- Addison, Group A


cheryljazzar said...

Great questions, Addy. Thank you for your post.

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